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MyCampus Portal

MyCampus is a web-based portal for students, faculty, administrators, staff and alumni to access campus resources and information. It allows users a central point of access to multiple systems and links to a wide range of functions as follows:

  • Registering online;
  • Sending and receiving emails;
  • Checking final grades and exam schedule;
  • Accessing schedules and courses;
  • Adding or dropping courses;
  • Communicating with professors and other students;
  • Viewing account summary;
  • Reviewing online transcripts;
  • Purchasing books online;
  • Campus news/announcements;
  • Linking to a variety of resources such as bus routes and student associations functions; and
  • Directly accessing Blackboard/WebCT Vista courses via single sign-on.


  • Accessing schedules;
  • Posting marks/grades;
  • Directly accessing Blackboard/WebCT Vista courses via single sign-on; and
  • Managing their courses.


  • Provides link between Banner and WebCT, including data updates and grade submission into Banner via WebCT or MyCampus;
  • Provides direct interface to Banner self-serve through single sign-on; and
  • Provides LDAP services for other web systems that utilize Banner/Luminis roles such as faculty, student, staff, etc. (e.g. Equella Learning Object Repository).

Please visit MyCampus to access these features. Your username is your student or staff banner number and your password is the same as your WebCT password (by default, possibly your date of birth (MM/DD/YY format).

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