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H: Drive Deactivation Notice

What is the H: drive?

The H: drive is a network drive that provides data storage available to students while they are on campus.

What is the change?

Beginning September 2018 all student H: drives will transition to read-only access until May 2019.  You will still be able to view files and copy them to other locations. You will no longer have the ability to edit or save files to this drive.

What do I have to do?

Copy all of your files from the H: drive to an alternative storage solution. 

Alternative solutions: 

When is the final date to access my H: drive?

As of May 2019 H: drive will be completely removed and no longer accessible.

What will happen to my data after May 2019?

All H: drive data will be archived.

Can I retrieve my data after May 2019?

Yes. A process will be available to request archived H: drive files through the IT Service Desk.

Why is the H: drive being removed?

The advancement of cloud storage technology is more reliable and far superior to the H: drive offering. It allows students to access the data both on campus and off campus.

What is Google Drive?

A cloud storage system that provides unlimited storage per user. Learn more on Google Drive here.

What are the advantages of Google Drive?

Can be accessed at anytime from anywhere from any device.

What is the storage capacity of Google Drive?


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