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UOIT Repair Services are authorized to repair certain Lenovo and Dell models of qualifying UOIT students and staff.  The North Oshawa location provides services including hardware repair,  full system diagnostics, software troubleshooting, re-imaging and data recovery (best effort).


If you are participating in the Laptop TELE model (students who receive a UOIT laptop):

  • We will repair your laptop under the manufacturer’s warranty (at no cost) for a malfunctioning component.
  • For devices that require repair not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, a fee will apply.
  • Loaner laptops may be available to Laptop TELE students at no additional cost while your unit is being repaired.  This is provided on a first-come, first -serve basis and is subject to availability.
  • Visit either the North Oshawa or downtown IT Service Desk location with your laptop to obtain repair services.


Faculty and staff that are experiencing software or hardware issues should visit the IT Service Desk for assistance.

  • When should I visit the IT service desk?
    • If the laptop is not functioning properly or prohibits the student from performing daily tasks (i.e. virus).
    • If the laptop makes odd or unusual noises.
    • If the laptop is abnormally hot.
    • If experiencing log-in issues.
    • If a spill occurs.
  • What should I do if I spilled something on my laptop?
    1. Hold down the power button for 5 seconds and the laptop will shut down.
    2. Unplug the AC adapter and/or other cords.
    3. Let the laptop rest for 10 minutes on a flat solid surface until the liquid drains (No need to flip it upside down).
    4. Close the laptop.
    5. Do not carry the laptop in the backpack.  Hold it with two hands in an upright position.
    6. Visit the IT Service Desk immediately.
  • Laptop Do's and Don'ts

    THE DO'S..... THE DON'TS.....
    • take care of the laptop and the adapter (wrap it up correctly).
    • take extra care when transporting the laptop in the backpack.
    • use the laptop on a flat solid surface.
    • complete a monthly inspection of the laptop to identify any possible damages.
    • bring any issues to the IT Service Desk.
    • eat or drink around the laptop.
    • touch the screen.
    • carry or pick up the laptop by the screen or keyboard.
    • carry an opened laptop by the keyboard bezel.
    • leave the laptop turned on in the backpack.
    • apply stickers that could compromise the physical condition of the laptop.

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